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“Frock Me” and my love for Vintage Fairs

Captura de ecrã 2014-04-9, às 12.14.24 On sunday morning I went to the “Frock Me” vintage fashion fair in Chelsea for the first time, and absolutely loved it. We can find good bargains there, and the items are amazing: lots of authentic Hermès, YSL and Dior scarves, YSL dresses and so many fabulous items, that I wanted to buy. I got to buy a vintage Mulberry bege maxi-skirt and a pair of Belgian 1960s earrings that are just adorable and that weirdly remind me more of the 80s than of the 60s (and that’s exactly why I bought them) – born in the 80s, love the 80s! So that you know, Frock Me next event will be on May 4th.

It is incredible how many fantastic items we can find at such a fair. I cannot deny I am crazy about vintage clothes, so vintage fairs are my “Primark”. I don’t mind spending a bit more in a vintage piece, but I admit that bargains are also quite appealing to my eyes, and you can find good bargains at such fairs, oh yes you do! Also, the fact that those pieces are unique and the mere idea you can combine them with one of the season trends you like, reinventing it somehow according to your own style makes this experience quite special and exciting at the same time. I am an early 80s girl, I’m not ashamed of admitting it (which makes me 31) and I honestly cannot stand the single idea of wearing an exact same outfit as someone else (unless it’s on purpose – more on that later), or wearing a straight-out-of-the-catwalk outfit, without giving it a personal touch that will make the difference. To me, vintage clothes provide that extra personal touch in some of my outfits.

Something that I also usually fantasize about when it comes to vintage clothes is the story behind each piece. I’m always curious to know what’s the story and maybe history of each piece: Who wore it? Who did it belong to in the first place? How old is it? How much was it loved before I bought it? Was its initial owner as passionate about it as I am? These are questions I will never have the answers for, but I adore imagining what the answers for those are.

For Primark lovers, I have nothing against it, but I actually have some rules about Primark that I tend to follow myself: I always try not to spend much money there, as I know the quality is usually low, so the maximum money I spend there is probably £20 (usually less) every two months probably. Also, I tend to either go for very cheap items (preferably on sale), or for something that will eventually turn into an hilarious moment for me and my girl friends. That’s exactly what we did yesterday: we went there and bought same Marvel sweater-dresses (one for each) so that one day we’d go out at night wearing similar outfits – I wonder what the reactions will be (some people may actually think they’re delusional or even drunk “Oh look, 1 girl wearing a Marvel dress! No, is that 2? Wait, 3?! I must buy some new lenses! 4?! I’ve definitely got to stop drinking!“). To make it even more perfect, I’ll just have to convince them to wear neon-pink bob wigs – EASY!

What about you? Are you more of a Primark-lover, or are you a vintage-addict buyer like me?

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[the initial photos were taken from the Frock Me vintage fashion fair website.]

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