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what a difference a good outfit makes…

Indeed, what a difference a day makes, but what about the difference a good outfit makes?!

When at home, I always wear comfortable clothes. I’m not a diva. I don’t wear body-hugging tops, or sexy-tight skirts. Although that’s what men like to think we wear when we are comfy, sorry to disappoint all the single men out there. I can only speak for myself, but that is not true. So long for the myth.

Apart from that, I live in the high street, which means I actually take 2 minutes to go to the supermarket and have all: Boots, cinema, the post office, WHSmith, restaurants and cute little shops minutes away from my door step. So, yup, when I don’t intend to actually do something more social, and just want to run some errands, I’ll just go with my tracking suit and don’t apologize for that. What’s wrong with my tracking suit, right?! Besides, it’s almost like I am not actually going out, the High Street almost feels like my backyard, to be honest.

However, very recently, I noticed a phenomenon I was never able to mind before. It happened to me more than once already and always when I’m on my own and elegantly dressed. When I’m traveling alone in the London tube, and am waiting for the train doors to open, men (or should I just say, ‘gentlemen’) will let me go inside first, even if I was the last one to arrive. It looks like magic! Only yesterday it happened twice and the week before it also happened! So, it feels like we have a pattern here. It’s like they treat me like a lady (the lady I am) just because of my outfit. This all would look lovely, if it weren’t for the fact that when I’m on my tracking suit, they will not do the same. It’s like I’m not worthy of being treated like a lady. So, if on one hand it feels good and actually boosts my ego to be treated this way; on the other hand, it feels like what you’re wearing is the only fact determining what your social status is, and based on that, how you should be addressed socially. And that, to be honest, infuriates me! I don’t feel I’m less of a lady when I’m on my track suit and trainers. Ok, I may not be looking that good, but even so. I’m not at  all into the “let’s treat women differently because they’re the weakest sex”, but am not into the “let her wardrobe determine how she should be treated” also.

So, just for a change, I wish they could feel exactly how we feel, because we aren’t always in the mood to be, act and feel glamorous. And that’s a good thing, it’s a right I’m not willing to give up on. And neither should you! So, let’s enjoy unashamedly our tracking suits and wear them proudly, just because we can.


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I would definitely keep these "Yves Saint Laurent Glitter-Finished Leather Pumps" after 10 years...
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Wearing out a man. a relationship. and shoes.

I would definitely keep these "Yves Saint Laurent Glitter-Finished Leather Pumps" after 10 years...

I would definitely keep these “Yves Saint Laurent Glitter-Finished Leather Pumps” after 10 years…

Find them HERE.

We all have those shoes that we bought 10 years ago, and no matter what their price tag was, but we cannot simply dispose of them, because we still love them so much. And truth be said, we still wear them sometimes, even if they don’t still look as presentable as they did originally. However, from our perspective they look cool and there’s still a hint of the glow they have once radiated. Even if they’re aged and worn out, they remind us of their glorious moments in the past, and we still wear them proudly, even if we’re the only ones who know that. That’s because they’re on our top of favourite shoes.

Well I like to believe that the man we have by our side (if we do have a man) is also one of our favourite men. Of course I wouldn’t mind having dated Hugh Jackman some years ago, unfortunately I used to live in Portugal, and although he was one of my favourite men, he was kind of… unattainable. Ahahah! After dating a lot and getting to know different men, it is fair to say that I now have by my side my favourite man. However, is it possible for a man to be worn out, just like my favourite old shoes? And what about a relationship, 10 years from now, is it possible that it will be worn out as well?

I know there are people who vehemently believe that after some years being in a stable relationship your passion fades away. I know that. And they can give you lots of examples of couples they know, relationships they’ve been in the past, stories they’ve heard that will most definitely prove their theory. Notwithstanding, doesn’t it look foolish that I still love and am absolutely passionate about that old pair of shoes and will possibly not be able to do the same for my relationship? Of course shoes are inanimate and men are human, which makes a big difference. Shoes will never make you watch a football match at night when all you want is watch X-Factor, or simply a comedy on TV while wrapped in a comfy fluffy blankie. Shoes will never begin an argument to start with. So evidently, it makes it easier for them not to be put away.

Relationships with men are much more difficult than those with shoes. If you’re not passionate about it anymore, there’s no reason to keep it, be it shoes or a relationship. I like to think, though, that if we are lucky smart enough to pick the right man, and if both of us get to treat our relationship with the same love and care women treat their shoes (and men treat their football leather boots), it will never wear out. Call me romantic, but I truly believe it.

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